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LAMB (Lighthouse Assembly of Messianic Believers) Fellowship began as a small, home group in 1994. Over the years, this small group grew and encompassed several home fellowships. This growth resulted in the congregation that we have today. Fueled by our desire to teach Biblical truth and meet the needs of those who have committed to walking with us, we continue to grow, both in the number of members and in the strength of our unity.

In 2012, we were given the vision to strengthen our efforts to better serve believers the greater Nashville community. To this end, we have begun Lamb West, a Messianic, Hebrew Roots church in the Nashville metro area. The mission of this sister congregation is "to encourage believers to lead Biblical lives." We look forward to seeing the Father use this group to unite and strengthen the Nashville community.

Today, we are a body of dedicated Believers who seek to serve His Kingdom and one another. We embrace His Torah and our Messiah, the Living Word. Through faith and by His Spirit we seek to establish His word as the standard for living within our congregation. All who share our desire for truth, relationship, accountability, and the love of Messiah are welcome.

Moving forward we hope to have significant impact on the lives of His people, Israel. Our desire is to develop true disciples of our Master, Yeshua. We realize that this is a process that takes time and commitment from all involved. Our faith is to be alive in real, tangible, every day action.

We believe that each person was created with a specific calling. We want to help identify that calling, equip you for the journey, recognize the anointing on your life, and encourage your efforts for His Kingdom. Building His Kingdom requires all parts of the Body to function as one. Through many parts joining together, we can accomplish His will in our lives.